About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a friendly marketing world. To achieve this mission, Friendly Marketing is the first platform that allows small businesses and individuals to create their video ads with funny, friendly content and an affordable budget. In addition, we help business owners to build their digital marketing strategy to reach out to more customers in their areas through the varieties of services we offer. We apply our team’s expertise to develop innovatively and technology-driven solutions to solve our customers’ marketing challenges.

Our Story

Promote your website online was a challenge without paying money for advertising to get more traffic to your website. Most small business owners cannot afford to pay the cost in the early stage of their businesses. Our professional team was looking for solutions to solve this problem and reduce the cost of advertising for small businesses. We designed a free platform for small businesses to share their website online and reach out to the maximum traffic with no fees. The founder and his team help entrepreneurs and companies to build their image and brands through offering website design, logo design, market plan design, and chat agent 24/7. Our company opened its doors to customers in 2020 to serve the first customer. At Friendly Marketing, we care to build a friendly marketing world and achieve your goals to grow your business.

Our Team

Friendly Marketing has a professional team that is working diligently to build their customers' dreams. Our team includes Software engineers, Sales experts, Certified Public Accountants, attorneys. Our team has organized to help to manage all customers’ market strategies from A to Z.

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